When Tumblr is down will be blacked out on January 18 to protest SOPA and PIPA


I’ve added the javascript code provided on sopastrike.com to whentumblrisdown.com so the site should be “blacked out” for 12 hours on January 18. I’m joining several other websites in a global blackout to protest SOPA and PIPA (these bills are just crazy - definitely not the right way to go).

I’m not in the US but I signed this petition. If you are in the US you can do even more! We have to stop this from changing the Internet!

P.S. I also added the blackout code to silly.tumblr.com


the virginia pilot

uh meow?
hah, love the snooks.
…not for what she is but what for she isn’t.

snooki looks good

Hell Yeah. These GQ Stars Got Golden Globe Nominations. 
Way to go, team. Congrats to Peter Dinklage, Kristen Wiig, Bryan Cranston, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Michael Fassbender—you guys rule. Oh, and special thanks to our Bro of the Year, Miss Wiig, who brought sexy back to the “pouty face.” 

Lots of my favorites people on here not to mention Kristen Wiig is bangin’

On the bus, I flip open my folder and reread my case. Five sheets of single-spaced, Times New Roman text. I’m groggy and desperate for coffee, but I like this case. Seizures. Always a good time. Each case is our Bible, at least for the day. This is Who We Are. But cases are also top-secret. When I ride the bus, I look around to make sure no students are nearby. When you’re obligated to avoid med students, the city seems flooded with them—young, sharp, health-conscious twenty-somethings, often carrying slick briefcases. I slump in my seat and read. I study the case until we stop, and the bus empties onto the sidewalk. I climb the hill to the med school, where nurses and dock-workers smoke cigarettes outside, and push through the revolving door, up the elevator, to the cafeteria. This is my last chance for caffeine.


Win a Katherine Heigl Autographed Poster!
Katherine Heigl hates testicles. But we love you, so someone who reblogs this wins a signed poster from our Katherine Heigl Hates Balls video!

KFOG KABOOM in the Fog (by A Sutanto)
Inspired by this gifset by crestas

The Doctor is definitely a Slytherin too